Ocean Shores, Washington

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Ocean Shores, Washington

Ocean Shores, Washington is Western Washington's #1 beach destination. On your trip to Ocean Shores, you are guaranteed to be delighted and entertained. Horseback ride on the sandy beaches, catch fresh fish from the ocean, bird watch in the local parks, and, after the sun sets, enjoy Ocean Shores' vibrant night life.

The City

Ocean Shores is a city located within Grays Harbor County in Washington state. It lies on Point Brown Peninsula on the coast, which was once used for trading by the area tribes that now constitute the Quinault Indian Nation. The epitome of a boomtown in the latter part of the 20th century, Ocean Shores was relatively uninhabited until it was sold to Ocean Shores Development Corporation in 1960. In just over a decade, Ocean Shores was incorporated, with a system of roads, a school, hotels, restaurants, and several other commercial and residential developments. It's population had grown to about 900 people and continued to grow. By the 2010 Census, Ocean Shores' population had reached 5,569 residents. In the past, Ocean Shores has been called the "Richest Little City." During its early development, the legalization of some forms of gambling sent Hollywood celebrities flocking to the beach side. Singer Pat Boone even became a local resident in 1967. Today, Ocean Shores is the beach destination of the Northwest. Thousands of people are drawn to Ocean Shores each year for the beautiful beaches, night life, favorable weather, and festivals.

Do & See

Ocean Shores is the perfect destination for families. With its arcades, go karts, horseback riding, carnival rides, and theaters, kids and parents are sure to remain entertained. But if a romantic getaway is what you're after, Ocean Shores is the destination for couples, too. Live music, long promenades, night clubs and sandy beaches are sure to provide a perfect, magical atmosphere.


Ocean Shores offers cuisine to suit everyone's taste. Dine ocean side and enjoy the scent of the salty breeze blowing in from the Pacific. From seafood dishes, pub food, pizza, and ice cream, Ocean Shores' many restaurants are sure to satisfy.


When you are visiting Ocean Shores and need a little pick me up from all the attractions, don't worry. Ocean Shores offers plenty of cafés selling various selections of coffee to perk you up.

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you want to start the night with a cold brew or a hot meal, Ocean Shores night life has what you need! Many local restaurants have daily drink specials during happy hour, which is usually in the afternoon around the time everyone's work day is winding down. Some even have late hours and provide entertainment in the forms of music, dancing, or sports broadcast on big-screen, high-definition televisions.


Ocean Shores has many different types of shops. The most unique items can be found in the gem stores, thrift stores, and antique shops. Fashionistas will get their fashion fix at the Ocean Shores' Shops.

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