Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a dazzling sea of neon lights that beckons visitors with luxurious hotels, unbelievable shows, exquisite restaurants, world-class gambling, and decadence on a grandiose scale: it is ancient Rome, romantic Paris, exotic Egypt, exciting New York City, and the Canals of Venice all together rolled into a single vacation destination. Millions of people fulfill their dream of visiting Las Vegas every year, attracted by the well-earned city's reputation as the world's Entertainment Capital.

The City

Shortly after gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, construction of the first hotel/casinos began, but who could have known that it was the beginning of the phenomenon known simply as Vegas: a glamorous, fantasy oasis in the middle of the desert. Although the city's image seems to be dominated by casinos, there is much more to Las Vegas than "just" gambling, eating, and shopping — it is a vibrant, fast-growing city that attracts some of the largest conventions and business meetings in the world. Each year, over 50,000 people relocate permanently to this city, thanks to the abundance of jobs, low taxes, healthy climate, and beautiful surroundings. With 320 days of sunshine annually, Las Vegas can also boast some of the country's best-golfing facilities. Las Vegas is a growing city that gets bigger every year, with more spectacular hotels and casinos being designed and built to amaze and entertain people from all over the world. Beyond the famous five-mile Las Vegas Strip, there is also the historically exciting Fremont Street, the home of the original casinos that started this very Vegas craze back in the 1930s. Millions of tourists come to see the Freemont Experience every year, where an incredible light and sound show projected onto a domed structure covers several blocks in the downtown area.

Top 7

Casinos, awesome hikes, pro sports and the most exquisite restaurants — all these can be a part of your Las Vegas experience. This free guide will give you a quick impression of the wealth of excitement that Sin City has to offer. Explore world-class museums, wine and dine with a view in some of the best restaurants in the world, and bask in the sun by a trendy pool. Vegas is great for solo travelers, as well as couples, friend groups and families with kids.

Coffee & Lunch

Clear your head and start your day with a cup of coffee or a strong espresso at one of Las Vegas' many cafes: whether you want to be in France, Italy, or just right there in the country of the US of A, you have virtually endless options.

Do & See

It is impossible to see and do everything that Las Vegas has to offer during only one trip, and this is what keeps visitors returning over and over again — the choices can be truly overwhelming. Good planning is key to any great vacation, but especially for Las Vegas, it is highly recommended to set up a bucket list. To save you some time, our team of travel experts have curated the top Vegas experiences so you can make the most out of your time in Sin City.


Next to gambling, the most engaging activity in Las Vegas is indulging one's taste buds with amazing flavors. And nearly every type and style of food known to man can be found here. From European to Asian to North and South American cuisine, Vegas offers them all. The same can be said about affordability. Acclaimed chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Giada De Laurentiis, Guy Fieri, and Nobu Matsuhisa, all have restaurants here. And as you can expect, dining in one of their establishments might not be on everyone's budget. But Vegas is home to a variety of eateries serving tasty food that suits most travelers' pockets. For those with an especially strong appetite, it might be worth considering getting an all-day or 24-hour buffet pass, which grants one unlimited access to multiple buffets belonging to Caesar's Entertainment Group. Doing this on a weekday can be very good value. Mind that certain sections of the higher-end buffets may require a surcharge, and always double-check whether there are any limitations on your particular pass.

Bars & Nightlife

Vegas is literally "the city that never sleeps," and the Las Vegas Strip is a continuous streak of bars, so it's not unusual to see people walking around with alcoholic beverages. Every hotel and casino offers superb entertainment, floor shows, bars, and nightclubs, while live entertainment happens indeed everywhere. You can find booming dance parties that last all night long or lounge with an artisanal cocktail in a luxurious atmosphere with rooftop views.


Shopping in Las Vegas is almost as popular as gambling, and this is evidenced by the sheer number of stores that are ready to indulge your every fantasy. All major hotels and casinos have a shopping area in their establishment, but there are also a few that stand out as premier shopping meccas — it is said that if you cannot buy it here, then you cannot buy it anywhere else.

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