Concord, North Carolina

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Concord, North Carolina

Following in the steps of its fellow northeastern cities within the early Colonies, the city of Concord was established around the spirit of unity, harmony, and friendship. As the name “Concord” actually means “with harmony,” these characteristics are seen all over the city. Residential, business, industrial, and historical elements are all blended together to make Concord an impressive cocktail of evolution and tradition. The city is home to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which hosts many NASCAR races each year, as well as a number of historic sites.

The City

Concord was born of a scuffle between two factions of settlers who sought to determine where the location of Cabarrus County’s seat should lie. Following the area’s original 1750 settlement, the German and Scots-Irish settlers engaged in impassioned disagreements over the newly formed Cabarrus County. However and thankfully, the two sides were able to reach a consensus in 1796, leading to the creation of “Concord” on a 26-acre site. To honor their agreement, they named the city so in recognition of newfound “harmony.” Today much of Concord’s appeal thrives in the Historic Downtown. Spanning a radius of two city blocks, the Downtown boasts 2 live theatres, 1 museum, 2 art galleries, 1 24-hour pottery studio, 1 botanical garden, a university, a pedestrian greenway system—and a gourmet French chocolate shop! There is also a comfortable combination of specialty shops and restaurants.

Do & See

With its historic charm and modern day appeal, Concord wins the hearts of many. Natural sites are abound for outdoors enthusiasts. Those seeking sports, head to golf courses whereas the most adventurers can have an adrenaline boost at the motor speedway.


There are plenty of eateries in Concord - head to the historic downtown, different restaurants line up tidily down its spacious streets. You will have your share of burgers, barbecue, or fine dining, in a greasy and tasty summit of American-style diners. The diversity of the cuisines, ranging from Asian to Mexican, leaves many options.


Indulge yourself with the aroma of coffee, a friendly atmosphere and entertainment during your trip to Concord. Cafes and coffeehouses are popular around the area, delivering a true North Carolina experience. Diners may also be found.

Bars & Nightlife

From local bars to luxurious lounges, Concord has the night-life you are looking for. Many restaurants feature Happy Hour specials in addition to their dinner menus. Latin and Asian cuisines are prominent for Concord nights, offering entertainment that suits everybody's taste.


Shopping in Concord has never been easier. Outlet, malls and boutiques are sure to carry your favorite brands. Go off the beaten path with local shops, shop exotic fabrics or try out international clothing brands - Concord features a comprehensive concentration of retail stores.