Arnold, California

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Arnold, California

Bucolic beauty envelops the small, unincorporated town of Arnold, California. Resting at the center of the 400-mile Sierra Nevada mountain range, Arnold is a breath, sigh, and smile of fresh air. Testaments to this are the mild summer temperatures, a close proximity to stunning natural wonders, and the overall seclusion of Arnold’s favored attractions.

The City

Located in southeastern California in Calaveras County, Arnold is located fewer than four hours from Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks and fewer than three hours from Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and the San Francisco Bay area. Arnold is named after Bob and Bernice Arnold, who opened the Ebbetts Pass Inn in 1927 to provide lodgings for travelers of Ebbetts Pass, for which it is named. Although Ebbetts Pass is not as frequently-traveled these days, it is registered as a California Historical Landmark and is a National Scenic Byway traveled by visitors wishing to take in its breathtaking views. Prior to the opening of the inn, which began an era of tourism to Arnold, its main source of industry was logging. The first logging mill opened in the 1860s and logging remained the primary industry for 100 years. Prior to European colonization, the area was home to several Native American Indian tribes, including the Paiute.

Do & See

Mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and caves are just a few of the natural wonders that offer outdoor adventure to visitors of Arnold. There is also a wealth of activities in the nearby towns of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. California is also home to several wineries that offer tastings daily as well as historic sites celebrating its Gold Rush heritage.


Most people probably would not expect to find such variety in the cuisine of Arnold and Calaveras County. However, it is quite the contrary. You can find everything from a small casual diner in one of the town's historic districts, to upscale dining establishments with kitchens run by nationally-renowned chefs.


Each of the area's cafes has a personality all its own. Arnold does this well, allowing all visitors to find a cafe that closely matches their own taste. Some places are bustling breakfast joints while others are small, quiet shops focusing on artful coffee roasts.

Bars & Nightlife

In this mountain town, nights are meant for quiet reflection of the day. Tranquil natural settings are a consistent theme throughout the establishments. While there are a few bars in the area, none of them keep particularly late hours.


Leave the crowded shopping malls in the big cities. In Arnold and the other towns of Calaveras County, you will find small shops run by friendly locals. Everything from clothing and jewelry to works of art may be found.